Nine Relationship Tips for Couples

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Your other halfling
Published on March 18th 2017

There is no such thing as your other half unless you are willing to be the half they're looking for also. So if they are not willing to be exactly like you want them to be and you are not willing to be exactly like they want you to be? Well then how is it possible you could be each other's half? I say it's best to realize you are both whole and complete individuals all on your own and you should accept who the other person is for who they are and they should accept you for who you are. Trust me. Two whole apples are better than two halves. Or an apple and a pear for that matter. In modern times, relationships are much like hip hop dancing. You're still dancing together but you're each doing your own moves.

Remember, there are countless people out in the world alone and resorting to seeking company from cats and dogs. If you're willing to pick up another creature's poop every day then certainly you can figure out a way to get along with another sentient life form that just happens to leave the toilet seat up.
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