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Making Gentle Sexy Again
Published on November 13th 2016

Over the years I`ve come to master the art of gentle lovemaking. And I often think about why women tend to desire the opposite of this in a man. If only they knew the heightened state of ecstasy that warmth and heat is capable of releasing within their body, they`d immediately shun all forces of evil from their reproductive powers. This is important because women hold the keys to all future generations. They select the genes that define humanity`s future. Unfortunately, violence, fear, power, subjugation, perversions, hate, anger, oppression, are traits that many women find themselves subliminally attracted to. Not surprising that the leading archetypes for women's sex novels are vampires, werewolves, pirates and rich psychopaths. It`s perhaps one of the greatest perversions of the female brain. Men, of course, have plenty of their own perversions, but i'll get to that on another blog post.

I`ve put quite a bit of thought into this matter because it`s something I must confront in my work with women. I`ve observed that most strengths and perfections of the human brain come from evolutionary pressures. And when these evolutionary pressures are traumatic, they create adaptations that are perverse in nature and push us toward de-evolution. One of the traumas most common in our past is that of tribal warfare. The trauma for men is that of killing and being killed. The trauma for women is that of seeing her husband be killed and then taken as wife by the killer or raped by the invaders. Each of these traumas and evolutionary pressures has created different tendencies in men and women. Both of which are perverse in nature (given their traumatic underpinnings). They may have been necessary for our survival as a species but it must be stressed that they are not influences we should adhere ourselves to. For instance, men have developed the ability to profoundly attach themselves to their women and children which manifests itself in violent jealousy, whereas women have developed an emotional detachment to men such that they can easily welcome and bed an oppressor. This is why subliminally women see men largely as being disposable and men view women as precious property to be concealed. It seems cliche, but in fact these two forces, as subliminal as they are, have much to do with how many societies around the world have organized themselves, even to this day.

This scenario repeated itself so frequently in our past (that of tribal warfare), that it has become written within our very psyche and has lead to many of the perversions we see in sexuality today, in particular women`s fascination with erotic pleasure derived from the dominant, violent and aggressive male. Or even just the female attraction to the ``bad boy`` or the ``wrong man.`` The aphorism relating to the importance of ``knowing thyself`` is the key to dispelling ourselves from these ancestral traumas and letting our positive attributes take hold rather than our perverted attributes. When we know ourselves, by which I mean, the human within us and that of our ancestors, we can then begin to gravitate toward our attributes that call us to a higher self and shed the attributes that pull us down to our lower selves.

So what is gentle lovemaking? Mastering the art of gentle lovemaking has come through many years of practice. For me, it has become a blend of heat, touch and passion. The heat is produced through friction and oils and the passion manifests itself in the power of cradling and gently overpowering a woman. This is not done in an attempt to strike fear, but rather to strike a profound, deep and warm feeling of safety and protection. When we make love, I become your armor. Our connection, profound and heated, aims my wide back at the heavens which becomes your canopy, concealing you fully and shielding you from any possible onslaught. When you`re underneath me, I become your protector, your muscle throbbing with heat. I overpower you, yes, but only because you have given me control. I can feel and read everything you want, everything you desire. You need not speak it, for I can read it in your eyes, your hardened nipples, the arching of you back and neck and the not so subtle leads with your hands. Only the fool would think I was in control, because the opposite is true. At that moment, I am your servant, following each of your unspoken commands, down to every inch I travel, touch and kiss. The strength and power of each thrust gives you the assurance that I will forever be your protector and no assailant could ever get between you and I. Our connection is complete and bound by the power of love that created the entire cosmos. We become a singularity that wakes up the angels from their slumber to come behold the ecstasy that is our bond. The word spreads, until all the heavens awaken to behold the magic that is the cradle of our love.

This is gentle lovemaking. And once you have it, you will know that the oppressor is not to be bedded, but to be destroyed.
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